Finish Sand & Buff


A labor time formula is provided should it be necessary to perform this operation. This procedure includes the removal of orange peel and any blemishes that affect paint texture in order to produce a smooth finish to the entire panel surface. This process is not limited to “nib sanding” or “finessing” which is the removal of isolated dirt/dust particles only. The performance of this operation is NOT INCLUDED in the Mitchell refinish labor time.

The finish sand and buff formula is intended to be calculated as a percentage of the base refinish hours excluding overlap and clear coat. It DOES NOT APPLY to edges, jambs, and undersides. For blended panels, the formula should be applied to the full panel refinish time. No deduction for refinish overlap should be taken.


Finish sand and buff outside surface area(s):

Allow .3 per refinish hour (30%) to finish sand and buff each surface area(s).